Lovely August


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Dreaming of fall.

Vignette of the day.


Fabulous style of the day. Photo taken at Place Vendome, Paris, last week. Isn't she marvelous!

Fabulous style of the day. Photo taken at Place Vendome, Paris, last week. Isn’t she marvelous?


Just too cool!

Umbrella hat

Elegant updated bedroom.

Gardens of Grass

Lovely summer garden.

Colors of the “DIOR” palate.

Press Your Restart Button


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Georges Hobeika

Be inspired to start something new…Every once in a while we all need to press the restart button. Make today that day. You are always deserving of a second chance, so start now at being a better wife, a better mother, a better person. Make today the first day that you do something to follow your dreams. Find your bliss and dive in!

Much love, Kaki

Oscar de la renta

Mark Karnes Interior with Sugar Bowl, 2000. Acrylic on board.


Caught up -by Elena Kalis

Sugar and Spice – A Fairy Tale Life


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Hey boys – you can keep your puppy dog tails; we girls are made of fantastic stuff!

Everybody knows that girls posses an inexplicable gift for the power of nurture, compassion, and virtue. It’s certainly no secret that her sweetness is beyond compare. Her spice is what shapes her spirit, as well as ignites her endearing drive to hold fast to hope, even against seemingly impossible odds.  Most people believe that these qualities alone are enough to render her an irresistibly charming creature, who merits nothing less than devoted love.  But, a true scholar on the subject would argue that a girl’s most bewitching characteristic, whether she is 4 or 104, lies in her beguiling ability to harness the magic of the Fairy-Tale Life. Maneuvering through dreamscapes of far away lands, braving enchanted forests and defeating fire breathing dragons is her most basic instinct.  She is not afraid of wild imagination. She embraces immeasurable possibility. She vows always to make believe. And, she holds steadfast to the notion that a little magic can save the day. Certainly, you too have seen the evidence… fairies among the shadows? Bits of forgotten pixie dust strewn about her room? Perhaps, magic wands? Glittering crowns? Unexplained skeleton keys? Unicorn sightings where she has come and gone?  Heed, take a second look- for I assure you it is there. It’s fantastic stuff, something to cherish – the magic of her Fairy-Tale Life.

With love, Kaki

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Tim Walker – Story Teller

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Toby Troll lives in a tree in Charlavoix, Michigan.

Toby Troll lives in a tree in Charlavoix, Michigan.

Photo by Tim Walker sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net4f70105c02fb9250f4cc8b9889b9cc9cVisit arrestedmotion.comClick on images for sources

Return to Versailles – A Party With An 18th c. French Theme


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Paper mask of Marie Antoinette made by artist Kaki Valerius Smith.

Paper mask of Marie Antoinette made by artist, Kaki Valerius Smith.

I apologize to my readers. The Keeper of the Little Red Diary has been taking a break while serving as a consultant for the Carnival season in Memphis, Tennessee. Below you will find photos of Memphis’ oldest Carnival crew, Memphi, who celebrated the season in style by raising their glasses to this year’s theme “Return to Versailles.” It was such a delight to come up with ideas for this fabulous group of revelers. Here are some of the highlights and ideas for you to use when planning your own Marie Antoinette party.



Party guests dress for the occasion.

Party guests dress for the occasion.

Gifts of vintage Voltaire for the guests.

Gifts of vintage Voltaire books for the guests.

"The Pouf"-Marie Anoinette party hair.

“The Pouf”-Marie Anoinette party hair.

The Party.

The Party.

Party shoes.

Party shoes.

Actors with the Chairman.

Actors with the Chairman.

Croquembouches added interest to  tables laden with pink flower arrangements.

Croquembouches added interest to tables laden with pink flower arrangements.

More masks.More masks.


Louis XVI paper mask by artist, Kaki Valerius Smith.

Louis XVI paper mask by artist, Kaki Valerius Smith.

Mask by Kaki Valerius Smith.

Mask by Kaki Valerius Smith.

Paper mask by Kaki Valerius Smith.

Paper mask by Kaki Valerius Smith.

Favorite Marie Antoinette Party Ideas:

1. Serve the cake first, at a seated dinner.

2. Chocolate snails make escargot that everyone can enjoy and they look clever on the table.

3. Encourage guests to create their own versions of the Marie Antoinette “Pouf” hairstyle.

4. Use sachets of lavender as favors (available online in bulk)

8. Encourage guests to decorate shoes similar to those worn by Marie Antoinette.

9. Dont forget the cheese course.

10. Candlelight, silver, and ribbon.

11.  Valets costumed in 18th century livery are great for parking cars and opening doors.

12. Pick up porcelain figurines of 18th century gentlemen and ladies in antique malls and shops. Those made in “Occupied Japan” can be purchased for just a few dollars, and mimic Meissen figurines of the 18th century period. No one will know the difference and  they work well as place card holders.

13. Wine, Champagne, Crepes, Macaroons!

Life’s a Banquet


, , , , , I begin an image search for my “lovely library” I am always amazed at the copious amounts of masterful art and design material that man has created over the centuries.  There once was a time when one must travel to Spain to view a finely embroidered flamenco skirt, or Provence, to observe the vibrant shade of blue that is created by rubbing woad on a farm-house shutter. From the elaborately designed pagodas of the Far East, to the sleek minimalism of a Karl Springer cocktail table, the world has become my oyster. And it can be just that without my having to leave my livingroom. The internet has opened more than just doors for me.  It has given me the opportunity to become a backseat Auntie Mame. In the words of my favorite Broadway character, “Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  Not me…I have Wifi !

via:Eyepoetryphotography on Etsy

Credits: one,three and four. two and five. six. seven and eight. nine. ten.


Lovely and Delicious


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When antiquing down the Dixie Highway, we stopped at a lovely little diner to grab a bite to eat. Howley’s IS lovely, and that’s due to much more than their delicious dishes. If you want to experience a true bit of the West Palm Beach culture, stop in and enjoy the crowd as well as the eclectic atmosphere. Howley’s is located at 4700 Dixie Highway.

Photographs by Kaki Valerius Smith
Photograph by Kaki Valerius Smith

Photograph by Kaki Valerius Smith


The menu includes such delectable delights as Belgian Waffles with a scoop of ice cream, a Portobello Sandwich topped with blue cheese, roasted peppers, grilled onions and pesto, and Fried Green Tomatoes served with a BBQ remoulade. It was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Glamorous Recommendations:


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If you love the Little Red Diary, you will love these recommendations!

If you love the interior design style of the little Red Diary, then I invite you to follow our Pinterest page. There are 181 new images for your pleasure. The key is to take the word “The” out of our name when searching or click on the link here.

Glamorous Fiction:  Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

A middle class girl from the Bronx chases her dreams and surrenders to chance in the glamorous Manhattan of the 1930’s.

imagesGlamorous Non Fiction: Slim Keith: Memoirs of an Imperfect Life. By Slim Keith

A wonderfully written autobiography by one of America’s original “It Girls”.  The story tells how a  young girl transformed herself from virtual obscurity to one of the glamorous jet set in the 50’s and 60’s.


You can buy this book at Amazon by clicking here.


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