The Dior Palette


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Is there anything more feminine than the Dior palette? I’ve always loved the soft greys and peachy pinks that remain the Dior trademark.
When I was a little girl, my mother had a wonderful knee length, Dior, grey coat with a soft fox trim along the hem.  She looked so glamorous in that coat. Sadly, It ended up in the thrift shop heap (probably during the 80’s when glamour meant slashed, neon sweatshirts and jelly pumps). But, today the Dior Palette is back as the most stylish color scheme for clothing and decor. It’s a great time to bring a little Dior into your own life.

Dior Taipei 101 flagship store by Pure Creative, Taipei store design

Voiture Voyageurs 1ère classe A 151 © C.Recoura

Valentino haute couture

The Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office




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Mary McDonald

Maid in China fashion shoot.

Painting by Kathe Fraga三-the-silk-road/week-3-chinoiserie/

Wartski brooch, c. 1930

Via: Beth Connelly at Chinoisere Chic三-the-silk-road/week-3-chinoiserie/

The jewellery designer Ward Kelvin has created an interesting collection called American Chinoise.

Lovely August


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Dreaming of fall.

Vignette of the day.


Fabulous style of the day. Photo taken at Place Vendome, Paris, last week. Isn't she marvelous!

Fabulous style of the day. Photo taken at Place Vendome, Paris, last week. Isn’t she marvelous?


Just too cool!

Umbrella hat

Elegant updated bedroom.

Gardens of Grass

Lovely summer garden.

Colors of the “DIOR” palate.

Press Your Restart Button


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Georges Hobeika

Be inspired to start something new…Every once in a while we all need to press the restart button. Make today that day. You are always deserving of a second chance, so start now at being a better wife, a better mother, a better person. Make today the first day that you do something to follow your dreams. Find your bliss and dive in!

Much love, Kaki

Oscar de la renta

Mark Karnes Interior with Sugar Bowl, 2000. Acrylic on board.


Caught up -by Elena Kalis

Sugar and Spice – A Fairy Tale Life


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Hey boys – you can keep your puppy dog tails; we girls are made of fantastic stuff!

Everybody knows that girls posses an inexplicable gift for the power of nurture, compassion, and virtue. It’s certainly no secret that her sweetness is beyond compare. Her spice is what shapes her spirit, as well as ignites her endearing drive to hold fast to hope, even against seemingly impossible odds.  Most people believe that these qualities alone are enough to render her an irresistibly charming creature, who merits nothing less than devoted love.  But, a true scholar on the subject would argue that a girl’s most bewitching characteristic, whether she is 4 or 104, lies in her beguiling ability to harness the magic of the Fairy-Tale Life. Maneuvering through dreamscapes of far away lands, braving enchanted forests and defeating fire breathing dragons is her most basic instinct.  She is not afraid of wild imagination. She embraces immeasurable possibility. She vows always to make believe. And, she holds steadfast to the notion that a little magic can save the day. Certainly, you too have seen the evidence… fairies among the shadows? Bits of forgotten pixie dust strewn about her room? Perhaps, magic wands? Glittering crowns? Unexplained skeleton keys? Unicorn sightings where she has come and gone?  Heed, take a second look- for I assure you it is there. It’s fantastic stuff, something to cherish – the magic of her Fairy-Tale Life.

With love, Kaki

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Tim Walker – Story Teller

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Toby Troll lives in a tree in Charlavoix, Michigan.

Toby Troll lives in a tree in Charlavoix, Michigan.

Photo by Tim Walker sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net4f70105c02fb9250f4cc8b9889b9cc9cVisit arrestedmotion.comClick on images for sources


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